Promote Healing and Health with Organic Chicken

There is a reason we have sayings such as ‘food is medicine’ and Caitlin Taylor, vlogger from Caitlin’s
Cancer Chronicles
caught up with her niece Emily about the importance of the small but significant
choices, like choosing joy and eating organic.

Caitlin is the sister of Inglewood Organic’s Managing Director, Katrina Hobbs. Emily Hobbs is the
daughter of Katrina and Inglewood Farm’s Director Adrian Hobbs and our communication, marketing
and digital media officer. In the video here, Emily and Caitlin prepare dinner for Caitlin’s family of
seven while chatting about how when cancer strikes, the importance of good food is highlighted.

Since 2017 Caitlin has been on a tough health journey. She had major surgery and while in ICU
recovering, routine post operative imaging showed up a rare and aggressive thymic carcinoma and
subsequent testing revealed metastasis to the lung. Caitlin and her husband Alex have five children,
at the time of diagnosis their kids were 11, 8 and 6, 6 and 6 – yes, your read correctly the 3 youngest
children are the same age, triplets! You can read blogs and watch vlogs from Cailtin’s Happy Heart
about the journey before

While quality food and finding the moments in life that make the heart happy have always been
important to Caitlin and a big part of her years authoring Cailtin’s Happy Heart (I mean, you get a
clue from the title of the blog page, don’t you?), there is nothing like a cancer diagnosis (or any
serious health issue, actually) to really highlight the importance of good food and a positive

During the 7 years since the cancer diagnosis, Caitlin has been on a massive health journey with so
many ups and downs including four rounds of chemotherapy and lots of radiation and
immunotherapy. Throughout that journey, value added foods that are still whole and fresh have
often proven such a great source of nourishment for her large family. It’s good to remember that
wholesome food does not have to be complicated but sometimes, when Mum is unwell every step
that doesn’t have to be done at home can be a godsend.

In this video, Caitlin and Emily cook with our Inglewood Organic chicken strips, ready to just tip in
and cook, it might not seem like much to have the cutting done but many busy or unwell family
chefs can tell you; the little helpful things make a difference! The same goes for attitudes and
mentalities, when faced with the weight of mortality and a terminal diagnosis, Caitlin during her
‘Cancer Chronical’ era has not strayed from her ‘Happy Heart roots.’ We have more reason to talk
about certified organic food here, but it is food for thought that for nutritious meals to really do
good, they’re best inside a body driven by a brain that stays optimistic!

‘Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’, is often ascribed to Hippocrates (400 BC)
and although some within the historic and scientific communities might express frustration at the
misquotation insinuating that the relationship between food and health was better understood
earlier than it actually was, we can certainly appreciate the sentiment from a modern view point and although we like to leave a bunch of antiquated practices and beliefs about health behind, at
Inglewood Organic, we certainly believe in returning to the good old fashioned wholesome, organic
produce that really can be a type of “medicine” to our bodies. As in Caitlin’s case, the ‘treatment’ of
good food can also be vital in helping the body to cope with medicine that is so hard to cope with.

We know that chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy and any number of necessary evils really
are hard on our bodies, so everything and anything we can do to support good health around those
unfortunate and sometimes necessary experiences is so important. It might not always be
quantifiable but your body feels the organic difference.

The beauty of food as medicine is that the choice to heal and promote health can begin as soon as
the next meal, and that’s why we love to provide you with the beautiful certified organic lean
protein that is Inglewood Organic Chicken. We’d love to hear how you use our products to help and
heal your body and nourish your family!

Full vlog at @caitlinscancerchronicles6545 YouTube Channel.