Stockist of the Month: Country Meats Direct: From Farm Gate to Your Plate


Country Meats Direct, deals in online meat sales supplying a wide array of quality meat products. The online store is now extending its range to fruits and vegetables. With a strong belief in the benefits of Organic Farming, this Sydney based online store guarantees to deliver only the freshest produce from the farm to your doorstep.
“I had personally stopped eating chicken after the research I had done into it, so I was relieved once I finally found Inglewood Organic chicken!“ Murray Fleming, Owner
It took Murray 3 years to find chicken he was proud for Country Meats Direct to deliver. That is the kind of dedication to quality this featured supplier has!
At Inglewood Farms, we are very pleased that our Certified Organic and Free Range chicken has not only brought chicken onto the supply list at Country Meats Direct but has also put it back on Murray’s own table!

Inglewood Organic is proud to present “Country Meats Direct” as the Featured Stockist for the month of October!
Learn more about the store below as the owner, Murray Fleming, shares the humble beginnings of the company and their vision for the future.
“Country Meats Direct was founded in June 2014 to address my Dad’s poor return on yearling beef he breeds in Gresford in The Hunter Valley. At the time he was selling cattle through auctions and into export abattoirs at such a depressed rate, his farm was barely breaking even. I realised we could manage to pay him significantly more and still give our customers an excellent price by cutting out all the middlemen and organising everything from farm to transport logistics right through to delivering butchered beef to our customer’s door. It was a win win! Since then, the beef prices have almost doubled but we still manage to pay our farmers better than if they went through traditional avenues of sale.
It wasn’t long before our customers started to ask for other meats – there is only so much beef one can eat! So, we slowly started putting together a list of suppliers of all types of produce whose practices met with our ethics and ethos of naturally raised and truly free range. Some meats were easy to source good suppliers, others (like chicken) were very hard.  I had personally stopped eating chicken after the research I had done into it, so I was relieved once I finally found Inglewood Organic Chicken!”
Why are you selling organic products?
“We are firm believers that we wouldn’t sell anything we wouldn’t be happy to eat ourselves. I personally suffer from an autoimmune condition so this is extremely important to me and why it took 3 years to add chicken to the menu!”

Why are you selling Organic Chicken and why choose Inglewood Organic Chicken?
“After being approached by a number of free range brand chicken companies to stock their products, we did a lot of research and also spoke with our customers about what they wanted. It was unanimous! What we wanted wasn’t what is called “Free Range Chicken”, what we all wanted was Organic! We chose Inglewood due to control and QA of your product. With Inglewood Organic Chicken we know the birds have been properly cared for since birth and this means a lot to us!”
Who are your customers?
“Sydney families, some couples and some singles but mostly families who care about what they are eating and want to know our farmers are being fairly remunerated for their hard work.”
Who is the go-to person in your shop?
“Me, Murray Fleming!”
What do you see for the future?
“I see a really bright future for organics but it saddens me that this bright future will only emerge due to the poor practices that non organic farming and food production have taken throughout history driven mostly by profits.”
At Inglewood Organic we are pleased to work with suppliers like Country Meats Direct who understand quality and values organic farming practices which supports a culture that delivers ethical, sustainable meats from the paddock to your plate.
Thanks to Murray and his team at Country Meats Direct!
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