Reports – Antibiotic resistance will hit a terrible tipping point in 2017

New Scientist Reports:  Antibiotic Resistance Will Hit A Terrible Tipping Point in 2017
The concerning level of antibiotic use in animal husbandry has led to increased antibiotic resistance, provoking a very real and somewhat terrifying prospect, the common bacterial infection will no longer be treatable with modern medicine. 
Mark Woolhouse from the University of Edinburgh, UK, reportedly said, “We are about to reach the point where more antibiotics will be consumed by farm animals worldwide than by humans.”  In April 2016, ABC’s Catalyst highlighted that in Australia,  a whopping 70% of our antibiotics are administered to animals. (Click here too see Catalysts’ report)
Farmers using antibiotics to fight disease and protect against infections are perhaps, unwittingly, providing the marketplace with meat, that is in fact, laced with a cocktail of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  This is then absorbed by the human body and the resistant strains survive and mutate in our systems; without our knowledge.  Yet, there appears to be fewer and fewer companies investing in human antibiotic development because quite simply, there’s no money in it.  If serious illness takes hold, and we find  our bodies are immune to the available treatments, what then?

We are in control of our own bacterial levels by choosing not to consume those products which are part of an industry where so frequently the solution is to opt for the ‘quick-fix’ antibiotic treatment.  In Australia, one way of being sure of this is to look for Certified Organic products – such as Inglewood Organic Chicken.  Rejecting the use of antibiotics, many Certified Organic growers will tell you that by not using antibiotics, a natural resistance to infection and disease is gradually accomplished.  At Inglewood Organic Chicken farm, only natural remedies made from herbs and spices are given to the chickens to maintain healthy immune systems – which naturally wards off diseases, such as those commonly found in conventional chicken farms.
Antibiotic resistance doesn’t have to affect you, or your family. The choice is up to each of us – which is why we choose to feed our family only Certified Organic products such as our deliciously tender, Inglewood Organic Chicken.