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Organic Free Range Whole Chicken

Inglewood Organic Whole Chickens make a memorable meal. Their flavour and texture are far superior to conventional chickens due to their longer life span and ability to exercise outside in the fresh air and sunshine. A roast’s crisp, salty skin, succulent breast meat and rich dark meat will offer something that will appeal to every member of your family.

11 reviews for Organic Free Range Whole Chicken

  1. Love these
    We buy one every week just for 2 ppl!

  2. Hands down the best chicken you can get in Australia

  3. Fabulous chickens – could not now buy any other both for flavour and texture. Congratulations!

  4. Where can I buy your organic Free Range Whole chicken?

    • Hi Ying, thank you for your inquiry. May I know your location/postcode so I can recommend some stockist near you? Thanks!

  5. Located nsw 2256
    Where do i buy your products

  6. Hi,
    On the pack it says: “we recommend a more gentle cooking process”. However on your website I could not find any referral to this. What is a “Gentle cooking process?”

  7. Where can I buy your Whole chicken.
    Location: Sydney 200

  8. hy guys where can i buy your chicken in bundaberg

  9. Where can I buy your chicken. I’m in Bacchus Marsh Vic 3340

  10. Where to buy QLD 4700

    • Hi, Unfortunately, we don’t have a stockist close to your location yet. However, we do have a customer that sells our products and does home delivery. 🙂 I have put the details below for you. I have also included our store locator for easy search. Hope this helps and thanks for the support! 🙂
      Organic & Quality Foods
      Unit 1 / 21 Tradelink Road
      Hillcrest, QLD 4118
      Phone: 07 3275 3552
      Email: rob@organicfoods.com.au

  11. I usually only buy Inglewood farm chicken, because it is organic. We love most of their products from our local foodland. However, for a few months, the whole chickens have not been cooking up well at all. The last one I bought last week, and it will be the last. The breast is tough and chewey. The rest of the chicken is fine. I’m not roasting it differently, and we’ve had to switch to another brand which isn’t organic 🙁 So quite disappointed in this whole chicken. Could it be woody breast?

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