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Organic Chicken Feta Sausages

A Sausage Suitable for the Greek Gods. Real Taste of Sausage That Would Bring Back Memories of What Real Food Used to Taste like, We All Love Our Sausages at Inglewood Farms and Find Them Very Juicy, Delicious and Succulent.



At Inglewood, we’re dedicated to bringing you culinary creations that delight your taste buds while prioritizing quality and health. Our Inglewood Organic Chicken Feta Sausages are a testament to this commitment, offering a delectable fusion of flavors that will elevate your dining experience.

All Inglewood Farms Organic’s chickens have free-range lives. They’re reared in a sustainable, environmentally friendly system that has animal welfare at its core. Where many chickens are bred to produce a lot of breast meat and little else, our chickens are bred to grow slowly and put on muscle across the whole carcass. This means each cut is as good as the next, and that includes the wings. Unlike caged birds, our chickens are at liberty to roam freely, so they actively flap their wings and run around, building robust skeletons and well-exercised muscles.

A safe choice, Inglewood Organic Chickens are antibiotic, hormone and GMO free. Only natural remedies and Certified Organic feed are used at Inglewood Organic, ensuring a clean and healthy meal option worth sharing. Read more about our farming practices here.

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