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Fresh Organic Chicken Thigh Fillets

Our Organic Thigh Fillets Are Lean, Juicy & Bursting with Flavour. From Marinated & Barbequed to Slowly Braised in Casseroles, Tagines and Curries.



At Inglewood Organic, we’re proud to offer you our Organic Chicken Thigh Fillet, a product that embodies our unwavering commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly, and ethical farming practices. Our holistic approach ensures that every chicken we raise reflects our core values.

The Slow-Growing Variety: Unlike conventionally bred chickens that prioritize rapid growth and breast meat, our choice of a slow-growing variety ensures that meat is distributed evenly across the entire carcass. This meticulous approach guarantees exceptional quality in every cut, including the thighs.

No Growth Promoters or Routine Antibiotics: We firmly stand against the use of growth promoters or routine antibiotics in our chicken farming. By providing our chickens with the freedom and space to roam, we enable them to develop robust natural immune systems. As a result, they require minimal medication, ensuring that their meat is pure, untainted, and entirely reliable.

Free-Range Lives for Healthier Chickens: Inglewood Organic Chickens lead free-range lives in an environment that prioritizes animal welfare. Our chickens are free to roam, actively flapping their wings and engaging in natural behaviors. This lifestyle leads to robust skeletons and well-exercised muscles, promoting their overall health and well-being.

A Safe and Clean Choice: Inglewood Organic Chickens are the epitome of a safe and clean choice. They are free from antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs. We rely solely on natural remedies and Certified Organic feed, ensuring a wholesome and healthy meal option that’s worth sharing with your loved ones.

For optimal results, we recommend a slower cooking approach compared to regular conventional chicken. Once cooked, be sure to remove it from the heat and cover it promptly to retain its moisture, resulting in a truly exceptional dining experience. Explore more about our farming practices here

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  1. I have been using this product for quite some time and have found it to be the best on the market. Unfortunately, I have not found it on the shelves of Coles in the last month!!
    Honestly, I would like to be able to source it online and order so that i am not disappointed again. It is way above similar products in its freshness and no odor to contend with eitheer.

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