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Fresh Organic Chicken Drumsticks

A classic favourite, you can’t go wrong with a Drumstick or two!  Grown at nature’s pace in the fresh air and sunshine, Inglewood Organic Chicken Drumsticks are large and firm with tasty skin that is second to none. Drumsticks can be crumbed, marinated, barbecued, grilled, baked, fried, used in casseroles, stocks, soups and so much more!
At Inglewood Organic, we look at the big picture. Our farming system is not just chemical free or free range – the way the birds are grown and handled throughout the whole system is taken into consideration. This is why our birds are so much better cared for, and why we take the extra effort to make sure we are providing a clean, safe and environmentally sustainable product. Learn more about our Sustainable Farming Practices here.
For best results, cook slower than you would regular/conventional chicken. Once cooked, remove from the heat and cover to prevent any loss of moisture.



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