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Fresh Organic Chicken Breast Fillet

Unlike conventional chickens, Inglewood Organic Chicken breasts remain moist when cooked.  This is because we take great care to Air Chill our birds instead of Spin Chilling chicken the conventional way, with a highly chlorinated icy slurry which can be absorbed during the process. See Air Chilling for more details.
Our chickens grow at nature’s pace, and this results is more muscular tone which gives a great texture to the meat. Chicken Breasts are not only healthy, but very versatile as well.
Try them grilled on a salad, sliced for sandwiches, in stirfrys and curries, crumbed, rolled, shredded, cubed on skewers, baked etc etc etc  There are so many options!  See our Inglewood Organic Chicken Recipes for inspiration.
For best results, cook slower than you would regular/conventional chicken. Once cooked, remove from the heat and quickly cover to prevent any loss of moisture.


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  1. Love Inglewood Farms chicken.

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