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Fresh Organic Chicken Breast Fillet

Unlike conventional chickens, Inglewood Organic Chicken breasts remain moist when cooked.  This is because we take great care to Air Chill our birds instead of Spin Chilling chicken the conventional way, with a highly chlorinated icy slurry which can be absorbed during the process. See Air Chilling for more details.



Experience excellence with Inglewood Organic’s Fresh Organic Chicken Breast Fillet. Our unwavering commitment to sourcing the highest quality, ethically raised chicken is evident in every bite.

Our chickens thrive at a natural pace, resulting in enhanced muscle tone and exceptional meat texture. Not only are chicken breasts a healthy choice, but they’re also incredibly versatile.

From grilling on salads to slicing for sandwiches, and from stir-fries to curries, the options are endless. Whether crumbed, rolled, shredded, cubed for skewers, or baked, culinary creativity knows no bounds. Explore our Inglewood Organic Chicken Recipes for inspiration.

For optimal results, remember to cook them at a gentler pace compared to conventional chicken. After cooking, cover promptly to preserve their natural moisture.

All Inglewood Farms Organic chickens enjoy free-range lives in a sustainable, animal welfare-focused environment. Unlike chickens bred solely for excessive breast meat, our chickens grow slowly, developing balanced muscle tone throughout their entire carcass, ensuring consistent quality, including the wings.

Inglewood Organic Chickens are a safe choice, free from antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs. We rely solely on natural remedies and Certified Organic feed, offering a clean and wholesome meal option worth savoring. Explore more about our farming practices here.



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  1. Love Inglewood Farms chicken.

  2. Do you have the nutritional info for this item please?

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