Organic Grain Shortage Causes Price Increase for Inglewood Organic Chicken

Thank-you for your ongoing support by purchasing our Certified Organic Inglewood Chicken.
At Inglewood Farms, our organic chicken production is reliant on the sourcing and supply of organic grain for feed. This year’s organic grain harvest has just begun and it is definitely shaping up to be the most challenging year in organic grain procurement for all organic growers.
There is an increasing demand for organic product and grain growers are struggling to keep up – especially with the chief organic grain production region of Queensland being more than 80% drought declared for 2015.
As a result, competition for available organic grain has risen. This has naturally had an impact on the cost of production with the grain price jumping almost 50% in recent months. Maintaining the quality of the chicken feed is important to our organic process and the new pricing for our Inglewood Certified Organic Chicken reflects this.
Thank you for your understanding regarding the price changes. Thankfully the “organic consumer” is usually very empathetic towards the challenges faced with organic production and are committed to the “organic choice” even when prices are at a premium.