The 6 Reasons / Organic Free Range for Greater Health & Wellbeing

6 Reasons to Choose Inglewood Organic Chicken


Inglewood Organic Chicken is cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Our chickens are raised without the administration of antibiotics, hormones, or medications. This commitment ensures that you can have full confidence in enjoying clean, safe, and Certified Organic food from our farm.

Animal Welfare

Selecting organic products not only ensures free-range conditions but also encompasses the additional advantages of being ‘Certified Organic,’ a distinction that sets stringent standards for high-quality animal welfare. Consequently, our chickens revel in the benefits of breathing fresh air and soaking up the nourishing sunlight as they are nurtured in harmony with nature’s natural rhythm and pace.


Due to a unique processing method, Inglewood Organic chickens are air chilled, and you can taste the difference!  The true flavour of the chicken is not compromised by the absorption of water, which is known to occur during the more common chlorinated spin chilling processing method. Inglewood Organic Chicken allows the consumer to “Return to Good” old-fashioned chicken, with genuine flavour.

Environmentally Sustainable Farming

The Inglewood Organic farming system is not just chemical free or free range; the way the birds are grown and handled throughout the whole system is taken into consideration.  As Certified Organic farmers, we commit to maintaining land for future generations through ecosystem management, using renewable resources and exercising soil and water conservation. Therefore, by choosing Inglewood Organic, you are supporting humane, eco-friendly and sustainable farming methods.

Socially Responsible

Organic farming operates with a comprehensive perspective in mind. It encompasses more than just the conditions in which chickens are raised. Starting from the moment the eggs hatch, every facet of the supply chain adheres to Certified Organic standards, right down to the feed that our chickens consume. Ensuring ethical farming practices across the entire supply chain is pivotal to sustaining the principles of organic agriculture. Therefore, choosing organic is not just a matter of personal preference; it represents a socially responsible choice that aligns with the principles of sustainability and responsible stewardship of the environment.


Inglewood Organic is independently audited and certified by Australian Certified Organic.  The farm also maintains an independently audited Quality Assurance program in addition to Safe Food accreditation.   You can be confident that Inglewood Organic Chicken is authentic, and is an Australian Family Owned Farm.

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