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Protein stands as a fundamental component of a well-balanced and healthy diet. When considering dietary choices, it’s worth noting that skinless whole chicken offers a lower kilojoule count compared to diced lean beef and lamb. At Inglewood Organic, we embrace a holistic approach to ensure that our chickens not only deliver exceptional taste but also provide maximum nutritional value, promoting a healthier lifestyle for you. Our commitment to quality and nutrition underscores our dedication to your well-being and culinary satisfaction.

Chemical Free

Our birds eat Certified Organic feed, without the use of chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. It is tested chemical free, and is believed to have a higher nutrient content and helps boost health & combat disease.
Inglewood Organic Chicken does not just practice chemical free or free range farming; the way our food is grown and handled throughout the whole farming system is important. We do not use conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilisers or bio engineering as ‘quick fix’ solutions.  As a Certified Organic farm, we only apply safe, environmentally and consciously sound farming methods which thereby ensures we have a sustainable landscape for the future.

Ethical Processing – Air Chilling  

processingInglewood Organic birds are cold plucked, followed by a process called ‘air chilling‘ where birds are cooled in refrigerators; taking several hours to cool completely.  In contrast to the conventional industry which commonly uses ‘spin chilling‘. Spin chilled birds are dropped into long tubs of chlorinated iced slurry water, cooling down the core temperature in around 5 minutes. Consequently, the birds may absorb this chlorinated water and can have up to a 9% weight gain in water. Inglewood Organic Chicken can lose up to 2% body weight in the cooling process and is therefore best cooked slower than the conventional norm.  As a result, air chilling maintains the natural flavour, so you can Return to Good old fashioned chicken that tastes like real chicken!


nutrition1Chicken is a well-known source of lean protein. Protein not only helps maintain muscle mass, it also helps us feel full and gives us the energy we need to get through the day. Research also shows that chicken contains a number of beneficial vitamins and minerals which contribute to our overall health and well-being.  As a Certified Organic farm, Inglewood Organic Chickens are not treated with the medications, antibiotics, hormones and GMOs found in other products.  Only natural remedies are used at Inglewood Organic, ensuring a clean and healthy meal option for you and your family.

Taste the Natural Flavour

Inglewood Organic Chicken tastes like chicken used to in the good old days before intensive farming became the norm. Inglewood Organic birds grow at natures pace, taking almost twice as long as conventional chickens to grow to maturity. Inglewood Organic Chickens therefore have better muscle tone which means the flesh is firmer.  The outer layer of skin is also retained due to cold plucking – unlike many conventional products – and the skin is moist, yet crispy on the outside which is such a delight to the taste buds!


packagingMany of our Inglewood Organic Chicken products use Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to ensure our chicken remains as fresh as possible. We opt to remove the oxygen from the packaging and thereby change the ‘air’ or ‘atmosphere’ surrounding the meat; keeping the meat in a good condition without the use of harmful additives.

Certification and Integrity

integrity1All integrity safeguards are government controlled and independently audited. We are certified by Australian Certified Organic; a subsidiary of Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA). The farm also maintains a Quality Assurance program in addition to Safe Food accreditation.  You can be confident that Inglewood Organic Chicken is authentic, and is an Australian Family Owned Farm.

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