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Organic Free Range Whole Chicken

Inglewood Organic Whole Chickens make a memorable meal. Their flavour and texture are far superior to conventional chickens due to their longer life span and ability to exercise outside in the fresh air and sunshine. A roast’s crisp, salty skin, succulent breast meat and rich dark meat will offer something that will appeal to every member of your family.

8 reviews for Organic Free Range Whole Chicken

  1. Love these
    We buy one every week just for 2 ppl!

  2. Hands down the best chicken you can get in Australia

  3. Fabulous chickens – could not now buy any other both for flavour and texture. Congratulations!

  4. Where can I buy your organic Free Range Whole chicken?

    • Hi Ying, thank you for your inquiry. May I know your location/postcode so I can recommend some stockist near you? Thanks!

  5. Located nsw 2256
    Where do i buy your products

  6. Hi,
    On the pack it says: “we recommend a more gentle cooking process”. However on your website I could not find any referral to this. What is a “Gentle cooking process?”

  7. Where can I buy your Whole chicken.
    Location: Sydney 200

  8. Where to buy QLD 4700

    • Hi, Unfortunately, we don’t have a stockist close to your location yet. However, we do have a customer that sells our products and does home delivery. 🙂 I have put the details below for you. I have also included our store locator for easy search. Hope this helps and thanks for the support! 🙂
      Organic & Quality Foods
      Unit 1 / 21 Tradelink Road
      Hillcrest, QLD 4118
      Phone: 07 3275 3552
      Email: rob@organicfoods.com.au

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